Dino Park

Desciption of the archaeological area : Dino Park

The archaeological area is located in the comune di San Lorenzello in provincia di Benevento.

Dino Park is a theme amusement park suitable for children and adults that stretches for about a hectare and is located within the Sannio Beneventano, precisely in San Sebastiano Park and near the bridge over the Titerno river.

The park is mostly dedicated to visiting the fifteen life-size and fibreglass dinosaur specimens.

In addition to visiting the dinosaurs, it is possible to enjoy a large green area with picnic areas.
Educational visits can be organised, and the facility has special multimedia rooms.

Near the park, it is also possible to visit the Geopaleontological Park of Pietraroja. Here you can admire the remains of dinosaurs found in this area.

The park is temporarily closed for works. It could be reopened in 2022.



Via San Donato s.n.c. 82030 San Lorenzello

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