Villa of Cocceio

Desciption of the archaeological area : Villa of Cocceio

The archaeological area is located in the comune di Bonea in provincia di Benevento.

The ‘Villa di Cocceio’ is located in San Biagio and is a remarkable archaeological find dating back to Roman times and the villa of the Roman emperor Marcus Cocceius Nerva, who lived in the 1st century AD.

The villa is also famous because it was mentioned by Horace (L. I. Satira V) in the description of his journey from Rome to Brindisi. Undisputed proof of the importance of the place is the marble statue of a satyr with a panther.

The statue is preserved today in the National Museum in Naples. The excavation also brought to light terracotta objects, coins and glass fragments.



Via guide, 82100, Bonea. Benevento.

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