Siti archeologici di Apice

Ancient Village

The ancient village was built in Roman times and was destroyed in August 1962 by two earthquake tremors measuring 6…

Siti archeologici di Arpaia

Ancient walls

The village walls are located close to the hillside. The remains represent the entire southern side of the village, there…

Siti archeologici di Benevento

Sacramento Archaeological Area

In the area of the Arch of the Sacrament, which is part of the Forum of the Roman city, there…

Siti archeologici di Bonea

Villa of Cocceio

The ‘Villa di Cocceio’ is located in San Biagio and is a remarkable archaeological find dating back to Roman times…

Pizzillo Mausoleum

The Pizzillo Mausoleum is an important archaeological site on the east side of Mount Taburno of which very little is…

Siti archeologici di Castelpoto

Medieval Village of Castelpoto

Castelpoto is a municipality of about 1,200 inhabitants with an urban layout dating back to the Longobard and Norman periods….

Siti archeologici di San Lorenzello

Dino Park

Dino Park is a theme amusement park suitable for children and adults that stretches for about a hectare and is…

Siti archeologici di Telese Terme

Archaeological Garden and Bell Tower

Here are the remains of the ancient cathedral built after the ancient city of Telesia was destroyed by the Saracens…