Leprous Bridge

Monument description : Leprous Bridge

The monument is located in comune di Benevento in provincia di Benevento.

The Leproso Bridge has Roman origins and allowed the Via Appia access to the city. The bridge was probably built by Appius Claudius Blind in the 3rd century BC. The bridge was destroyed in the 6th century during the sacking of the city and was later rebuilt.

Under the four arches (there used to be five) flows the Sabato River.

The original name was ‘Lapidus’, but was later changed to the current name, which is said to derive from a nearby hospital for lepers during the early Middle Ages. In the 19th century, the bridge was also called ‘ponte di San Cosimo’, after the name of a nearby church.


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Via Appio Claudio, 82100 Benevento BN, Italia

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