Traiano Arc

Monument description : Traiano Arc

The monument is located in comune di Benevento in provincia di Benevento.

The Trajan Arch is one of the most important symbols of Benevento and was erected in 114 A.D. in honour of Emperor Trajan on the occasion of the inauguration of the Via Appia, the road connecting Brindisi to Rome. The work, decorated with splendid reliefs, is one of the most important triumphal arches during the Roman era.

The arch reaches 15.6 metres in height and 8.6 metres in width; each front is composed of four half-columns supporting the entablature.

Near the Arch, the Church of St. Hilary is located; inside the latter, it is possible to visit the ‘Museum of the Arch’, in which there is a multimedia installation that evokes the life and deeds of the Emperor Trajan depicted on the reliefs of the Arch.


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Via Traiano, 82100 Benevento BN, Italy

Opening hours

The Arco Traiano monument is open 24 hours a day The Arco Traiano museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:30.



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