Permanent Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Ceramics

Description of the exhibition : Permanent Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Ceramics

The exhibition is located in comune di San Lorenzello in the province of Benevento.

The ‘Nicola Giustiniano’ Association was established in 1994 to strengthen, protect and promote the historical, artistic and craft traditions of the town of San Lorenzo and the Titerno Valley.

The antique ceramics department was created thanks to the generosity and willingness of private citizens who wished to donate or entrust valuable ceramics to the Association, bringing the finds to the display case carefully set up by an expert craftsman.
Over the years, numerous 18th and 19th century ceramics have been purchased thanks to regional contributions.

The modern ceramics department has developed thanks to members who wanted to exhibit the works of Italy’s most renowned ceramists.
Over the years, the department grew steadily thanks to the ‘Rassegna della Regione Ceramica Italiana’, an event that took place between 1995 and 2004.
Valuable ceramists from all over Italy donated their creations to the association, and the exhibition currently includes around 300 pieces.

The exhibition was previously based in Telese Terme and Cerreto Sannita. It was moved back to San Lorenzello in 2015.

Accessible to the disabled.


Via Pasquale Sasso, 82030 San Lorenzello, Campania.

Opening hours

Opening on demand.


Free entrance

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