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The town of Benevento is located at 0 km of Benevento and is located at an altitude of 135 meters.

The city of Benevento is located in the hinterland of the Campania region, between the rivers Sabato and Carole.

The city is rich in monuments that have witnessed the events of centuries and centuries.

The city of Benevento is composed of several districts, called: Rione Mellusi-Atlantici, Rione Pacevecchia, Rione Ferrovia, Rione Porta Rufina, Rione Libertà and Rione Capodimonte – Ponticelli.

Known as the ‘City of Witches’ , the history of this city can be summarised in three main periods: the Roman period, the Lombard period and the papal period. Each period has left remarkable historical and artistic evidence. The Arch of Trajan, located in the city centre, was built between 114 and 117 AD to commemorate Emperor Trajan. Famous for its excellent acoustics is the Roman theatre built by Caracalla; the Arch of the Sacrament.

During the Longobard period, with the fall of the Kingdom of Pavia, it was promoted to a principality by the art and culture enthusiast Aletsch II, who realised many architectural works, such as the church of St Sophia.
The end of the Longobard kingdom marked the passage of Benevento to Papal rule: architectural testimonies of this period are the Cathedral, the Basilica of San Bartolomeo, the Basilica of the Madonna del Grazie, the Paul V Palace and the Rocca dei Rettori. With the Unification of Italy, Benevento broke away from papal rule and on 25 October 1860, Giorgio Pallavicini issued a decree declaring Benevento a province of Italy.

Today, the population of Benevento is around 59 000 inhabitants and local production is mainly grapes, olives, tobacco, nougat and the production of textiles, construction, metalwork, wood and leatherwork.

How to get to Benevento ?

From Pescara: take the A14 motorway, exit Termoli and continue in direction Boiano – Benevento.

From Rome: take the A1 motorway, exit Caianello and continue in direction of Benevento.

From Naples – Caserta: take the A1 motorway, exit Caserta Sud – Maddaloni. Then follow the state road 7 Appia (direction Montesarchio – Benevento).

From Salerno – Avellino and Bari: take the A16 motorway, exit Benevento.


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