Strega Museum

Description of the museum : Strega Museum

The museum is located in comune di Benevento in the province of Benevento.

The Strega Museum dedicates a space to the history of the Strega Alberti brand, which was founded in 1860. The museum tour starts in the Herbalist’s Shop, a room in which visitors can touch the various raw materials that make up Strega’s liqueur. In addition to the ingredients, the room houses the historical chest of drawers in which the product’s secret recipe and ancient working tools are kept.

The tour continues to the old distillery, where you can walk among the historic swan-neck stills that are still in production today. Next, visitors continue to the cellar, where Strega liqueur is aged for at least six months in barrels. Then there is the hall of imitations, where more than 400 counterfeit bottles emulating the Strega liqueur, which have been found around the world, are on display.

The last room is the famous Premio Strega, here the history of the literary prize is told with a collection of historical images, a space dedicated to the covers of the winning books and the blackboard that has been used for more than 70 years to decree the winner at Villa Giulia.



Piazza Vittoria Colonna 8, 82100 Benevento

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Tours are temporarily suspended.


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