The secret garden was created by a landscape architect and grew out of the creator’s love of nature. At the beginning it was just a garden of plants and flowers; it was later expanded to cover an area of 13,000 square metres.

Now the garden has more than 16,000 plants from all 53 countries/regions of the world visited by the owner. But the more this garden took shape, the more something seemed to be missing: animals. Today, there are more than 300 species: peacocks, swans, pheasants, ibis, emus, llamas, owls, fawns, etc.

Inside the secret garden, you can admire flora and fauna as they coexist in nature.
Different habitats from different parts of the world are presented and the garden continues to expand through new projects; one example is the creation of various biotopes with related flora and fauna: Japanese, Australian (unique in Italy), Mediterranean, English, tropical, herb garden, etc.

The tour takes about two hours, and it is possible to eat inside thanks to the picnic area.