Discover the municipality of Vitulano

The town of Vitulano is located at 18 km of Benevento and is located at an altitude of 430 meters.

The municipality lies in a basin located between Mount Taburno Camposauro, Pentime, Caruso and Pizzo Capone; it is characterised by abundant forests and springs such as the Royal Fountain, the Cortedonica spring (which quenches the thirst of the entire town), the Fuggiano spring and the San Pietro spring.

At the foot of Mount Pentime is the ‘Grotta dei Briganti’, a prehistoric settlement dating back to the Neolithic period. Flint blades, arrowheads, scrapers and a set of pottery from 2900 BC have been found in the cave.

In 1437, the village witnessed several clashes between the Aragonese and Angevins. It was briefly occupied by the French of Charles VIII. The village then became the property of Giulio Acquaviva of Aragon, the Carafa and the D’Avalos until 1806.

Today, the municipality has a population of 2800 and the local economy consists mostly of agricultural production, wine and high-quality olive oil. The ‘Pecorino Vitulanese’ cheese is particularly prized.

On the face of Mount Pizzo is the quarry of the ‘Vitulano Marbles’. This marble was used in the Royal Palaces of Caserta, Naples and Portici. At the end of the 19th century, it was also exported to France, England, the United States, Australia and Moscow.

How to get to Vitulano ?

From Pescara: take the A14 motorway, exit Termoli. Continue towards Boiano – Benevento – Strada Provinciale Vitulanese.

From Rome: take the A1 motorway, exit Caianello. Continue to Benevento, exit at Ponte towards Foglianise – Vitulano.

From Naples – Caserta: take the A1 motorway, exit at Caserta Sud. Continue on the Strada Statale Appia towards Benevento and at Montesarchio follow the Strada Provinciale Vitulanese.

From Salerno – Avellino: take the A16 motorway, exit at Benevento and continue along Strada Provinciale Vitulanese.

From Bari: take the A16 motorway, exit at Benevento and follow Strada Provinciale Vitulanese.


What do to in Vitulano

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